If you have 18 accredited modules you can enter the extemporaneous exam program , the procedures are carried out in the facilities of Preparatoria Abierta

Consult the following file to review the requirements and steps to follow to request and submit extemporaneous exams, as well as for the consultation of qualifications: Tramit @ pue

Exam presentation

Remember to attend the selected application site on time and present the established requirements, in case of not having them. THE EXAM WILL NOT BE PRESENTED.


  • For the presentation of the exam: be present at the place, date and time established in the exam request.
  • Show appropriate behavior
  • It is not allowed to consult any type of auxiliary material to perform the exam, nor the use of calculators, except in the following modules: Variation in Social Processes / Table of Logarithms and Antilogarithms ; Natural Universe / Periodic Table of the Elements .
  • There are two hours and thirty minutes for the resolution of each of the exams.
  • It is important to follow the instructions of the applicator, it will facilitate the filling of the answer sheet.
  • Pencil with black ink.
  • Pencil of 2 and 21/2.


Consultation of Qualifications

The results of the exams presented can be found at the following link:


They are also consulted in the facilities of Preparatoria Abierta, presenting the established requirements pickaloan.co.uk.